When your business has a hazardous material clean up need pending, the last thing you want to do is hand over the work to an untried, rookie vendor or outfit who doesn’t really know what they are doing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of low-bidder outfits floating around, trying to secure work for cash flow and will underbid jobs to get the work. In reality, many of these outfits are working with the wrong equipment, poorly trained staff, and no idea how to properly clean up or remove hazardous material.


And that can create a much bigger problem and cleanup when they get involved. Instead, you want to be working right from the start with an experienced provider like BioGuard Environment.

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Many chemicals require a treatment to make them inert and remove their harmful potential, either through contact or fuming. BioGuard Environment has an extensive level of experience and skill in dealing with chemical spills of all types.

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We go through extensive licensing and certification, and we have experience working for clients in at least four different states as well as under differing state rules and laws.


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When it comes to industrial operations working with hazardous chemicals, accidents have a potential to occur.


Especially when people are new on the job or tired or unfamiliar with tools and procedures, mistakes can occur.



Call us to get a inspection of your property and  an accurate estimate for the costs of an Aftermath & Biohazard clean up.

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