Biological Hazard Clean up

Don’t Leave Biological Hazard Clean Up to Untested Vendors

All of our technicians are certified in their work, we go through extensive licensing and certification, and we have experience working for clients in at least four different states as well as under differing state rules and laws. Do the job right the first time; call BioGuard Environment.


Simple Ammonia Doesn’t Fix a Biological Hazard Clean Up


Many folks think because a spill or a mess is biological in nature that simple cleaning products are enough to take care of these issues, and they call the local janitor with standard equipment to do the job. This is a mistake. Many biological spills can involve agents or elements that can be highly contagious and don’t necessarily get wiped out with basic cleaning materials and tools. Rotavirus, for example, is a highly contagious virus that can stay active on surfaces for a long time and is hard to remove with basic cleaning. Worse, it produces symptoms that often result in biological spills like vomit or diarrhea. If you’re dealing with a situation like the above or similar, and you need your facility cleaned properly, then it’s time to get the experts involved. BioGuard Environment comes in with the right materials and training to do the job correctly from the start. So, when you are in need of biohazard cleaning service around Cedar Park, TX, BioGuard is going to wipe it out completely.

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