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Chemical Spill Clean Up Needs

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When it comes to industrial operations working with hazardous chemicals, accidents have a potential to occur. Especially when people are new on the job or tired or unfamiliar with tools and procedures, mistakes can occur. A chemical spill clean up becomes essential not just to remove the material but to also insure that workers in the area are not exposed, affected or harmed by the accident. Just doing a topical cleanup typically won’t solve the problem. Many chemicals require a treatment to make them inert and remove their harmful potential, either through contact or fuming. BioGuard Environment has an extensive level of experience and skill in dealing with chemical spills of all types. They come into an incident with the right team, the right training, and the right equipment to solve the problem. Protect your facility, your workers and your business with a proper clean up done right. Call BioGuard Environment.


Gas Spill Clean Up Can Be Extensive If Done Wrong


Remembering what happened to all the old gas stations and how much remediation work had to be done to clean up the gas spill contamination around their old storage tanks, anyone dealing with gasoline on a regular basis today should be wary. Gas spill clean up requirements can be extensive if the initial spill is not addressed correctly. Gasoline has a bad habit of permeating surfaces and keeping them contaminated for a long time. A proper clean up has to both make the chemical inert as well as remove it competently for a cleanup to be done correctly. BioGuard Environment is very familiar with the procedure and process, and their teams arrive on a gas spill scene with everything needed to clean the site correctly the first time. Don’t become another gas spill site statistic. Call BioGuard Environment to fix the problem correctly and save your business a big headache later on.

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