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Medical Waste Removal

As a Lab or Clinic You Are Responsible For Your Medical Waste Removal

If you’re operating any kind of a human or pet clinic or lab that generates medical waste you have a responsibility to insure that the medical waste removal is performed correctly. Medical waste poses a significant health threat if simply disposed of in the regular trash, and it can be a high risk problem that can affect sanitation workers, janitorial staff and even homeless people. Worse, if the medical waste involves contagious elements, then it can spread uncontrolled through a local population once it’s let loose through the trash and the amount of handling garbage goes through. Don’t make a community public health mistake managing your medical waste improperly. Have BioGuard Environment handle the work and know that what is generated will be removed safely, disposed of correctly, and that there is no risk of accidental exposure or public health risk. Don’t be that company that ends up on the front of the newspaper. Have BioGuard protect you from the start.


Don’t Mess Around with Medical Waste


One of the most dangerous types of garbage and trash to deal with in sanitation is medical waste. And it’s not the kind of material that traditional janitorial crews should ever be handling or be expected to deal with. Instead, medical waste should always be handled and secured in safe containers, and its disposal should follow significantly protective protocols to insure no one is exposed unnecessarily. BioGuard Environment trains and certifies its operations for one of the most professional approaches to providing medical waste removal services. Their operations have such a high reputation of safety, many other companies model themselves after BioGuard’s practices and operations. Further, BioGuard Environment’s prevention approach is such high quality, the company actively operates in four different states without issue. So, when you want a solid provider for taking care of your medical waste, it’s time to bring BioGuard into the picture. Why guess with anyone else?

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