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Waste Removal

Waste Removal Without You Doing the Dirty Work Yourself

Imagine you’re an apartment or home landlord, and you just got rid of a problem tenant. You go to the unit and open the door only to find your senses bombarded by the most awful smell. Then you see it; the tenant let their dogs defecate all over the unit. It’s destroyed and there is waste everywhere. Everything has to be stripped out, removed, sanded down and replaced. The unit is a total loss, and someone has to do the waste removal work to get anything started in repair. Are you going to try to save a buck do this job yourself? Don’t even try. Instead, call in the professionals at BioGuard Environment and get that unit completely cleaned out properly, including any potential waste leftover problems that will make themselves apparent with smell and staining if left untreated. Yes, that ugly tenant is long gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your rental unit as a total loss. BioGuard Environment to the rescue!


Don’t Make Your Staff Deal with Biohazard Waste Removal


Employers can expect a lot of things from their workers, but there’s a line that gets crossed when untrained staff are suddenly expected to deal with cleaning up biohazard waste removal. First, this is a bad idea for any employer to think of trying to save a buck. Any employee who gets ill or sick as a result will become a tremendous workers compensation cost for the employer. Second, untrained cleaning crews can actually make a spill or mess worse, distributing the biohazard into an even greater area, affecting more with exposure. Instead, you want to bring in a professional team who not only contains the biohazard to as small an exposure area as possible, but also does so professionally so no one gets ill or hurt. BioGuard Environment has been cleaning up biohazard spill events for years. They are fully certified and trained and bring all the right equipment for the job. Fix the problem the right way. Call BioGuard first.

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