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Water Restoration

Don’t Trust Quick Removal to Solve Water Restoration Issues

Physical damage and water restoration can be tricky. While the immediate and obvious problems caused by warping of wall and floor material, soggy carpets and staining can be identified and removed, water also has a bad habit of triggering mold when the moisture gets trapped in hard to reach places. And when that occurs, the risk of toxic mold comes into play, which can make the entire facility room a hazard for anyone breathing in it over time. A proper water restoration treatment is going to come in and properly treat the entire area for water penetration and moisture, drying it out and solving the problem of trapped moisture. This eliminates the potential for mold as well as stops the problem in its track before it grows and exposes the area with spores. BioGuard Environmental is your team for getting restoration work done right the first time. Call to find out more information for your facility today.


Water Damage is Pervasive and Extensive


Don’t fool yourself into thinking that water damage can be just topical. Water is extremely effective at penetrating most surfaces and walls, and it will soak up into materials, trapping moisture for long periods of time. When moisture gets trapped, that then triggers the basics for toxic mold to come into play. Even without the mold, water causes absorbent materials to swell and lose their integrity, especially organic materials like wood and paper-based products. When you have a water spill, flood, or leak damage, it’s time to call in the pros to clean the area properly and remove the moisture competently. BioGuard Environment has been in this line of work for years, serving customers and four different states with varying degrees of water damage. If you want your home or facility to be back the way that it was, bring in the professionals to do the job correctly. BioGuard Environment is waiting for your call.

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